Second Chemo

AC#2 is in the books!

I’m only 36 and probably one of the first folks of my same-age peers to get cancer.

So, I want to tell you a little bit about my chemo experience so that if you or a loved one ever are diagnosed with cancer, you will have seen what it looked like for me.

1. When I get to the clinic, my IV is placed in my port and I get bloodwork done.

They run my bloodwork immediately so the doctor knows if I’m healthy enough to get chemo.

2. Then, I see my medical oncologist and she confirms that I’m healthy enough to get chemo. She asks about symptoms and what I need help managing. She does a physical exam of my tumor.

3. My infusion nurse comes and gets me. I’m assigned to a room and get comfy in the reclining chair.

Before chemo even starts, I get fluids, anti-nausea meds, and a steroid to help manage the symptoms of chemotherapy, all via my port.

4. The “A” chemo is RED and the infusion nurse sits and slowly gives that to me from the syringes in my IV over the course of ten minutes.

5. Then we hang a bag of the “C” chemo which runs for 45 minutes.

6. They send me home with meds and I’ll be laying low in the recliner for the next week while my body uses the chemo to #PunchCancerInTheFace.

I hope you never get cancer.
I hope you never have to get chemotherapy.
But if you do, I hope that sharing my experience will help you not feel as scared or anxious about the process.

I’m so grateful for everyone I’ve met who has already walked this path and shared their experiences. I hope my experience gives someone else comfort when they need it most.