Chemo while pregnant???

I think folks are surprised when I tell them I’m getting chemo while pregnant.

After all, pregnant people are not allowed to have things like lunch meat and soft cheeses…

…so how can you get chemotherapy???
Surely it’s dangerous to the baby?!?

But it’s not.

On Tuesday, when I’m firmly in the second trimester and 14 weeks pregnant, I start chemo.

The placenta is a magical forcefield that protects the baby from chemo.
It functions much like the blood-brain barrier. Chemo-babies, as they are often called, don’t suffer any of the effects of the chemo that my body will suffer.

Chemo babies ARE different from other babies in two ways:
1. Chemo babies are often born a little earlier. They are usually induced to line up with the treatment schedule.
We expect that to be the case for Baby Soukup 3.0

2. Chemo babies can weigh a little bit less. That can often be attributed to their early arrival and that chemo-mamas don’t put on as much weight.

Long term studies are still ongoing but there are no statistically significant differences in the incidence of learning disabilities, cognitive abilities, NICU stays, disabilities or health problems, etc. etc.

We definitely have our hands full these days, but our hearts are just as full.