I’m pregnant… and I have cancer.

Hi friends,

Tom and I have some news to share.

We are over-the-moon to find that we are expecting our third baby this summer.

That joy, however, is overshadowed by the news that I also have breast cancer.

Yes, you read that correctly.
I’m pregnant and I have cancer.
At the same time.

It’s a very exclusive club that I never wanted to be a part of.

I’m sure you have questions and I have a lot of good info to share.

In the meantime, I need you to know that Tom and I have surrounded ourselves with the best team of medical professionals in the city.

Treating cancer is hard; treating cancer in a pregnant patient adds another dynamic.
Our team shares our goals and we feel confident moving forward.

I took a leave of absence from work so that I can focus on fighting for the both of us.

Tom, Arthur, Jude, and I are going to need some help in the coming months.
We are working hard to identify what our needs will be and will be sure to let folks know when we have a plan to execute.

In the meantime, our family believes in prayer.

Pray for peace for our family.
Pray for our doctors and medical professionals.
Pray for my students and their families — who are having to have a very difficult conversation tonight.
Pray for my boss and my colleagues who will be fielding many of the questions of the innocent.

Baby #3 and I are so grateful for the love in our life.
I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of the kind messages we have received but just know that we are reading them and we love you all. Keep em’ coming!

School-parents should feel free to send me a friend request. Facebook is a great way to keep folks in the loop. No worries about it being, “weird,” to add your kid’s teacher. We are so much more than a school.

Same for Tom’s network of support, colleagues, and friends.
Don’t be afraid to hit the, “add,” button.

I’m grateful to have you all as a part of our community of support.